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  • Thigh Sugar Skull and Peonies

    On the Mexican day of the dead, decorated skulls are used to remember those you have loved and lost. To me it also represents how something considered to be unattractive (like a scary skull) can be beautiful. Peonies are my… [ read more ]

  • Tribecca

    I waited many years to decide on the perfect tattoo for my first. I couldn’t be happier with my choice – Tina Gray at Shades of Gray did a phenomenal job! @shadesofgray62 @beccaarvin

  • “Kiss of death”

  • Feminine Flower

    Done by artist: Tommy Keaton

  • Fairy

    This tattoo just feels like a part of me. I have my artist complete freedom for my back tattoo. He has tattooed me for so many years I knew he would do an amazing job and knew my style very… [ read more ]

  • princess and unicorn

  • Lupus Butterfly

    Dedicated to my step mother who lives with Lupus. A purple butterfly is the symbol for Lupus and I chose seafoam green for the “E”s (her initials) in the wings because green is her favorite color. I love how the… [ read more ]

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