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  • Freehand abstract inspired by the song ‘Anywhere on This Road’ by Lhasa de Sela.

  • Perfectly imperfect

    This tattoo says everything about me. I’m not perfect, no one is but that’s ok.

  • Nature Sleeve

    My leg is an underwater garden at the bottom and birds on my thigh, there are also bees on my knees and i plan to add more animals, flowers, nature scenes, and more. I’ve so far spent 2 months tattooing… [ read more ]

  • A Watercolor for Tyler

    Tattoo design by Amanda Stiles, Modify Tattoo & Piercing Co., Morristown, TN, USA 423.438.7333

  • Morrissey

    This portrait signifies my love and obsession with Morrissey and how his music resonates with me. I am in love with his words, voice, and charisma. His words captivate my soul.

  • Lowrider Orange

    My right arm is in process to be labeled my beauty arm. I already have flowers on my upper arm (adding more for a sleeve) so I added the skull and flowers because whether we like to Admit or not… [ read more ]

  • Fear and Loathing Quote

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