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  • Mendhi

    Each piece represents a different time in my journey to self discovery.

  • heros

    Tattoos that have all meaning and a lot of own design

  • Aztec Mermaid

    Beautiful mermaid to represent love for the ocean and freedom of the sea.

  • Tennessee Lovin’

    This tattoo proves love and pride for home sweet home, Tennessee.

  • True Love

    It represents no matter the distance or whose hand I hold- he will always be my only true love.

  • eye spy

    I always loved the all seeing eye but not the religious attachment. I am also always complimented on my eyes so this was a perfect fit.

  • Geometric Heart Pussy Tattoo

    I saw the design itself on Dr Woo’s Instagram (artist for Mark Mahoney’s Shamrock Social Club), and loved it. I wanted a tattoo above my… female area that encompassed the naughtiness in me combined with the straight-laced, classy me. No… [ read more ]

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