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    Love this tattoo so much. Constant reminder to just “let it be”

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  • tattoothrree

    I worked in the Fetish industry for years.Skin Two magazine and this is my nod to it.

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    It has to do with my spirituality. Probably the most significant to me of all my pieces. The are the energy centers of the body, and I go to school for energy healing.

  • 4

    Live Fast Die Pretty, everytime i look at this tattoo i am reminded that everyday should be lived to its fullest and to hit life head on.

  • Octopuswa

    This tattoo represents my need to procreate. I am the all powerful mother, the being which creates life. In this peice you can find all of the female/male body parts which are responsible for creating life. It’s like a where’s… [ read more ]

  • oct23009

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