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  • Two of a Kind

    My first degree was in Forensic Science. I loved studying fingerprint analysis and decided early on I wanted a fingerprint tattoo. When I accidentally printed one on another I realised it looked like a heart and thought that’d be a… [ read more ]

  • Coffee Inspiration

    It’s simply a symbol of my little guilty pleasure.. lots of coffee!

  • Native Arrow

    It’s Representing My Culture As A Strong Native American Women. My Native Sister And I Have The Same One. My Mother Is The Artist.

  • Smile

    I got this tattoo during the (so far) hardest part of my life. A reminder to smile. plus I enjoy photography.

  • sharky

  • Progress of my Japanese style leg sleeve.

    The lotus is a beautiful flower grown in mud. Despite its surroundings it is still a beautiful flower and grows through the bad environment. The cherry blossoms are a beautiful flower that has a short window of life. They grow,… [ read more ]

  • iron man

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