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  • My first one

    Is Saint Uriel Archangel’s representation. He’s the fire of God and also is protector of spirituality and wisdom. I have it on my back’s left side, just on my heart spot… because I want to he look after me for… [ read more ]

  • snapshot(10)

  • snapshot(10)

  • NickInk

    I believe that the four elements together is what keeps the human race going. Take one away then its chaos

  • kittie

    My nickname is “Kittie” & I have a spitfire personality. The location is on the back of my thigh as I am a former track & field athlete.

  • IMG00490-20110905-1524

    my first sleeve, my darker side sleeve,

  • P1050042

    This is a tatoo of Good Vs. Evil. I also got it for my wife whom is nick named Devil Angel for the different ways she can act…

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