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  • watercolor lion

    It doesn’t matter what happens,you have to stay strong. It’s also for my friend who died in 2014 by suicide.

  • Tribecca

    I waited many years to decide on the perfect tattoo for my first. I couldn’t be happier with my choice – Tina Gray at Shades of Gray did a phenomenal job! @shadesofgray62 @beccaarvin

  • My First Tattoo a Celtic Knot

    My mom had an appointment to get this tattoo on her foot, she died the week before. My dad and brother got the same tattoo in her honor

  • First Tat.

    This is my first tattoo, and it’s more significant that it’s my mother’s name.

  • Melting Honey Pooh bear

    Pooh bear was my family nickname.

  • Phoenix

    This was my first tat. The phoenix has a lot of personal meaning for me…

  • my fisrt Tattoo

    Wings : my parents who taught me the ways to morality, purity, protection, religion and beauty of life. Stars: remembering what i should get , always having a goal and reach my place of origin, way back home, healthy and… [ read more ]

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