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  • finding nemo full sleeve

    i got my girlfriend to get a decent tattoo rather than a shitty little one

  • Pisces

    I am a Pisces to the letter. I’ve been designing this piece since I was about 16..Ten years later I was finally able to find an amazing artist and get the tattoos of my dreams. I could stare at my… [ read more ]

  • Snakehead

  • Fish hook heart

    This tattoo is actually about my dog, but fishing is my favorite hobby. I was fishing one day and all of the sudden I heard whimpering, I looked over and saw a bunch of puppies so I drop my fishing… [ read more ]

  • Oriental back

    My love of everything oriental

  • Achig√£

    Childhood memories with my old man, and also his sign

  • Koi Fish done by Ennio Lopez at Double Minded Ink

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