• American Freedoms

    It resembles the struggles and battles soldiers and firefighters as well as any armed service and police that have fought for our country’s freedom. Eventually will be a entire collage on my leg.

  • Americano FC Brazil

    My tatto is on Americano FC, is a soccer team of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The eagle represent their Ultra fans.

  • Bleed Red, White, and Blue

    My whole family is military. I used to think I’d follow their path, but I’ve chosen a different one. However, my love for my country runs through my veins.

  • Nic Westfall Masterpiece

    A reminder of my childhood.

  • American pinup

    My love of my wife and country with inspiration coming from Jessica rabbit and classic pin up style poster girls

  • American flag tattoo

    I am a proud Army vet. Just wanted to show my patriotism.

  • Half Sleeve American Flag Tattoo

    This is a tribute for EVERYONE who made this country what is today. I love this country more than anything else in the world. This tattoo is honestly just who I am. Your stereotypical Patriotic, Angry American who bleeds Red… [ read more ]


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