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  • Flaming Lightning Bolt

    I play GTA5 all the time and my character in the game has a bold lightning bolt tattoo on his left forearm. Every time I play the game I love how badass it is. So, I called my artist to… [ read more ]

  • In due time

    It’s just a representation of opportunity and time! Condors are opportunistic creatures but do not settlle for gross meals they are actually very picky scavengers and the script mean in due time as well as the grandfather clock! It is… [ read more ]

  • Half Sleeve

  • Flames and Stars

    Composed of several pieces. First full sleeve.

  • Hobo Nickel with stars and flames

    Most significant thing about it is that it covered a stupid panther tattoo that I got on a whim when I was 19.

  • Good v evil

    The struggle of good against bad and making the right decisions done by Kev Heath cross street tattoo

  • Phoenix Bird

    This is a cover up of my first tattoo and my ex’s name. I wanted the Phoenix bird to represent start of a new life!

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