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  • Alien

    I was always a bit interested in aliens, and I like a good science fiction movie sometimes, so that’s what this tattoo represents. It will be a leg sleeve with a Science Fiction theme to it.

  • Day of the Dead back piece

    Artist Ian Rose @Universal Tattoo Ottawa,Canada

  • back piece

  • My tattoos

  • Har az fuk!

    Diamonds are har az fuk. Hi Max,000,000

  • UTOD

    I am from Texas and I have been traveling to and volunteering at the Olympic games for 20 Years (with a group of friends from Texas). We jokingly started calling ourselves the Unofficial Texas Olympic Delegation (UTOD). So this tattoo… [ read more ]

  • Haiku Dragon

    My best friend drew this dragon for me. She and I have been through just about everything… Done to symbolize wisdom, beauty and strength of our friendship. Artist: John Kosco (Saint Caine, Dropbox) @ Sacred Souls Ink, Denville, NJ.