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  • the most holy death

    Respect for the most holy death.

  • freehand skull filler

    this was done by an amazing upcoming artist that needs exposure “BUSTER” TERRY @ THE DRAGONZ LAIR TATTOOZ in florala alabama

  • Hunger Games

    It gives me strength and the ability to see greatness in myself.

  • Protected

    As a Firefighter and Soldier in the United States Army it resembles the understanding that God is protecting me even as I walk through “hell”. As Isaiah 43:2 states.

  • Light Fuse

    a client came in wanting a tattoo that meant something him about getting over anger issues, we landed on a bomb with a lit fuse ready to blow

  • Angel Of Death

  • Alien

    I was always a bit interested in aliens, and I like a good science fiction movie sometimes, so that’s what this tattoo represents. It will be a leg sleeve with a Science Fiction theme to it.

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