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  • Har az fuk!

    Diamonds are har az fuk. Hi Max,000,000

  • UTOD

    I am from Texas and I have been traveling to and volunteering at the Olympic games for 20 Years (with a group of friends from Texas). We jokingly started calling ourselves the Unofficial Texas Olympic Delegation (UTOD). So this tattoo… [ read more ]

  • Haiku Dragon

    My best friend drew this dragon for me. She and I have been through just about everything… Done to symbolize wisdom, beauty and strength of our friendship. Artist: John Kosco (Saint Caine, Dropbox) @ Sacred Souls Ink, Denville, NJ.

  • Flame Background

    I like the good versus evil theme. That’s why the background work on the left side of my body consists of clouds, and why the background work on the right side of my body consists of flames. I just got… [ read more ]

  • Lighter

    My Zippo Lighter,my onle light in the dark.