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  • Haiku Dragon

    My best friend drew this dragon for me. She and I have been through just about everything… Done to symbolize wisdom, beauty and strength of our friendship. Artist: John Kosco (Saint Caine, Dropbox) @ Sacred Souls Ink, Denville, NJ.

  • Flame Background

    I like the good versus evil theme. That’s why the background work on the left side of my body consists of clouds, and why the background work on the right side of my body consists of flames. I just got… [ read more ]

  • Lighter

    My Zippo Lighter,my onle light in the dark.

  • Japanese Anime

    It represents my strength and growth!

  • Phoenix

    The phoenix is a fiery bird that flies, burns up into flames, and becomes a pile of ashes. From those ashes, it rises again. When times are tough for me, my mother is the one who helps me persevere and… [ read more ]

  • Arm Color

    I enjoy all types of Art. Watercolor,Painting as well as Drawings but what I absolutley love is color and Definition.

  • me and my kids

    The Koi is because l like it. The three Dragons are a symbol of me and my kids the boy picked blue the girl picked purple l picked Grey wash. My kids and I have a good thing in common…. [ read more ]