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  • Japanese Anime

    It represents my strength and growth!

  • Phoenix

    The phoenix is a fiery bird that flies, burns up into flames, and becomes a pile of ashes. From those ashes, it rises again. When times are tough for me, my mother is the one who helps me persevere and… [ read more ]

  • Arm Color

    I enjoy all types of Art. Watercolor,Painting as well as Drawings but what I absolutley love is color and Definition.

  • me and my kids

    The Koi is because l like it. The three Dragons are a symbol of me and my kids the boy picked blue the girl picked purple l picked Grey wash. My kids and I have a good thing in common…. [ read more ]

  • lower bach pheonix

  • sacred heart hand tattoo

    it’s a work in progress.a half slave.starting on my hand with the sekret heart. my kids zodiac signs then flames. my heart burns for my family

  • Dead slash


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