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  • Plumeria

  • mexijewauhauh

    Matches my nickname and personality to a tee. My friends call me a mexi-Jew due to being Mexican in appearance and frugile with my money. Really I’m mostly Indian and European.

  • whimsical sunflower

    It’s a piece for my late grandfather who loved sunflowers

  • Sunflower and butterfly

    My love for beauty, nature and feminism.

  • The Lord is my Sheild

    This is my third tattoo and it has a lot of deep meaning behind it, but basically I’m like the girl and the hands are the Lord’s holding me and the wings are the Angels surrounding me in my life… [ read more ]

  • Pink and grey sugar skull and lotus flower

    The skull represents death or closing a chapter in life and the lotus flower represents rebirth or new beginnings. So the flower coming out of the skull symbolizes to me the chance for a new with every ending….it’s hope to… [ read more ]

  • The kingfisher and The freesia

    This tattoo represents my grandma and my grandpa. The kingfisher is my grandpa as he loved them and the freesia is my grandma as she had a passion for her garden and it was her favorite flower. The writing is… [ read more ]