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  • Bright floral

    i wanted to get something to represent my son so the flowers (not the roses) are the September flower which is the month in which my son was born

  • Sun flower

    My best friend has the first half. Hers says “you are my sunshine”. The flower represents our blooming friendship. The artist did amazing work. I love that it looks like side walk chalk drawn on. Artist name: Terry

  • NEDA Lotus

    No description necessary.

  • Eye color

  • bird

    My mum loves birds, and I love my mumma!

  • Lotus flower in bloom

    It goes along with the quote below it on my ribs “you must do the thing you think you cannot do”. Moved across the country alone at 18, I have been married, divirced, started a motorcycle shop, left the shop… [ read more ]

  • butterfly

    To be as free as a butterfly

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