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  • Lotus Flower-Plant of Life

    This tattoo represents for me a symbol of these three elements of the universe, earth, sky and matter itself. These make up the organic equilibrium that is our universe and reform to create organisms.

  • Orchids

    New life and beginning

  • The Healing Flower

    I have suffered most of my teenage years with self hate, self doubt, and self love. I have lost who I am over the years but I am now finding out who I am, and I am healing. I am… [ read more ]

  • Nature Sleeve

    My leg is an underwater garden at the bottom and birds on my thigh, there are also bees on my knees and i plan to add more animals, flowers, nature scenes, and more. I’ve so far spent 2 months tattooing… [ read more ]

  • Globemallow Flower

    The flower is special to me because I found it hiking through the Grand Canyon asked the name as it was my grandma’s favorite wildflower. The rest of the design was created by Daniel Meyer and I loved what he… [ read more ]

  • Eye See You


  • Rose

    I wanted a beautiful piece of art on my body. I admire amazing tattoo artist and am proud to be tattooed by @monkeytoy.

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