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  • Cover up

    I cried when I got this tattoo. It covers up one of the ugliest tattoos I’ve had to live with for over 15 years and was so embarrassed by.

  • wild music

    Its a tattoo for my daughter

  • L’√©panouissement d’une fleur alors que la vie ne tient qu’a un fil

    Here’s my biggest tattoo, also my best, the artist that I chose is amazing. It’s a lotus in 2 versions, open and close, heart beating is life surrounded by string.

  • Walking away clean

    It is a poem written by me with scenery around it to match the feeling

  • Bright floral

    i wanted to get something to represent my son so the flowers (not the roses) are the September flower which is the month in which my son was born

  • Sun flower

    My best friend has the first half. Hers says “you are my sunshine”. The flower represents our blooming friendship. The artist did amazing work. I love that it looks like side walk chalk drawn on. Artist name: Terry

  • NEDA Lotus

    No description necessary.

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