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  • Roses for Rose

    These we’re made or my Little sister and niece named Rose.

  • Vintage skull with rose and jewels

    The meaning of the skull is the change that my life had in recent times, the rose near the ear recalls my hairstyle, the old jewels are related to my passion for vintage and art decò elements represent my passion… [ read more ]

  • lace and flower

    The flower is son’s birth month flower.

  • Monochrome rose half sleeve

    This is my big work of art I got after a nasty divorce!

  • Cover up

    I cried when I got this tattoo. It covers up one of the ugliest tattoos I’ve had to live with for over 15 years and was so embarrassed by.

  • wild music

    Its a tattoo for my daughter

  • L’épanouissement d’une fleur alors que la vie ne tient qu’a un fil

    Here’s my biggest tattoo, also my best, the artist that I chose is amazing. It’s a lotus in 2 versions, open and close, heart beating is life surrounded by string.

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