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  • My life

    , I’m Tatto Artist and my daugther and my Job and hobbies is my life.

  • Colored Sleeve

    My sleeve is based on the importance of time and how little you have. Time is fleeting.

  • Feminine Flower

    Done by artist: Tommy Keaton

  • Cherry blossoms

    It’s a reminder to live a life of beauty and be present in the moment for that is all we have.

  • monix

    It was my firts tattoo, built it personally with my name on it and the spot accidentally fit with my highheels upper line.

  • Granddad’s Daffodil

    I had this tattoo for my granddad, he loved yellow flowers especially daffodils so I had this tattoo to symbolise my love for him. This tattoo also has the date he was born to the date he died written on… [ read more ]

  • orchids

    Second tattoo my husband did on me! Took a total of 20 hours, so far. The more he looks at it the more there is to do!! Find us on facebook… Linette Crammond

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