• Butterfly

  • All seeing eye

  • Reborn

    I did when i was trying to get back on track after i lost my mom and my company! It’s a lotus flower which browns on the mud!

  • Violet

    I love violet and purple. So this is a perfect match! Violets mean loyalty, simplicity and modesty. The ancient Greek used this flower to make love potions, they believed this was the love and fertility flower. And this color means… [ read more ]

  • Gypsy

    The flower is a cover up. It covers a tattoo my ex wanted me to get to “brand” me in a sense. The Gypsy represents heartache, but also happiness.

  • Buddah

    it ties my sleeve together. it is all about time and how things pass and how everything is temporary. To use your time wisely and not be bothered by the small things or anything that you have the power to… [ read more ]

  • My Rose

    I wanted to get a pretty tattoo and my son wanted me to get his name again. So I got his middle name.