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  • lotus flower

    Life is definitely what I wanted to represent

  • Peacock/cherokee rose

  • Freddy blossom tree

    I love the two thoughts put together. It was just a design my artist drew and I loved it! It’s very colorful and vibrant!!

  • Geisha tattoo by Alicia

    a beginning in my life

  • work in progress

    Represents some people I love.

  • Lotus flower mandala with chakra symbols

    I have a high belief in spiritualism. The lostus flower symbolizes purity. When the lotus flower blossoms, it rises from the bottom of murky waters unscathed by the dirty and mud. Mandala in Sanskrit means circle, which symbolizes unity. Now… [ read more ]

  • Sleeves

    My husband picked them and he loved them my husband passed away this year with cancer I would like to get a chest piece in his memory