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  • pirate dream catcher

  • Cat by Zsolt Sarkozi (Dark Art Tattoo)

    I found my sweet cat in a site for demolition, she had only two weeks and she grabbed my pants… this tattoo is sentimental. Made by M.Zsolt Sarkozi from Dark Art Tatoo based at Budapest, Hungary.

  • Flight of freedom

    The butterflies symbolise a sense of freedom for me, plus my hip is the sexiest place for a tattoo. The jade flower on my arm is for my daughter

  • hidden object

    My best friend, my boyfriend, has been in the business for about 5 years now and we have now owned our own tattoo shop for a year and a half. This tattoo represents his talent in drawing and art since… [ read more ]

  • Justify your existence mzdevo


  • japan flowers

  • Egyptian anchor

    The stargazer lilys have always been an icon in my life and the anchor represents my husband who always keeps me grounded. The Egyptian ankh at the top of the anchor represents life.