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  • Lovely Patricia Diaz

    This tattoo is sexy and eligant

  • Sleeve

    The one on my forearm is the most important to me. It’s a tattoo for my daughter, who is a survivor of shaken baby syndrome. The clock shows the time she was born, the date is in Roman numerals, and… [ read more ]

  • Half sleeve flowers

    This tattoo was one that I asked for. My boyfriend owns a tattoo shop so up until this tattoo, every one he’s done on me has been his idea. I do not ask him for tattoos. Except for this one…. [ read more ]

  • Skull

  • on instagram

    represents who i am and how i look at life.

  • My desires without word!

    It’s my own getaway, a peaceful place of my very own to exscape to on this chaotic world! Every design down to the color and what the picture is actually means something special out of my life,; those great moments!… [ read more ]

  • Butterflies and diamonds

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