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  • Full Sleeve done by RyanNeedles in San Pedro, CA.

    I first got the cross on my forearm when I turned 18, but now I am 24 and wanted to expand the tattoo into a beautiful art piece covering my entire left arm. So after hours of researching different artists,… [ read more ]

  • “though she be but little she is fierce”

    Its been one of my favorite pieces ive done ever! On such a cool relaxed client I had a great time tattooin and hangin with. I guess you could say its significant to me because that was one of my… [ read more ]

  • Dont be afraid to bloom

    This tattoo represents me overcoming my depression and blooming into the person I am today.

  • Cover Up

    This is a cover up that i’ve wanted for a long time. My son loves skulls and the rose is for my Mom who passed away.

  • Lovely Patricia Diaz

    This tattoo is sexy and eligant

  • Sleeve

    The one on my forearm is the most important to me. It’s a tattoo for my daughter, who is a survivor of shaken baby syndrome. The clock shows the time she was born, the date is in Roman numerals, and… [ read more ]

  • Half sleeve flowers

    This tattoo was one that I asked for. My boyfriend owns a tattoo shop so up until this tattoo, every one he’s done on me has been his idea. I do not ask him for tattoos. Except for this one…. [ read more ]

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