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  • Lost love

    My tattoos express who I am, as a indavidual.

  • Phoenix

    Rise up!

  • Sleeve in progress

    My whole sleeve represents my children and me.

  • Poly Tribal w/ Tiare Flowers

    Mixed Poly Feminine Style…

  • lotus flowers

    I love lotus flowers and designs so I had my artist put both together

  • Orchid of my Heart

    Orchids are temperamental and very difficult to keep. Just like me they are stubborn and beautiful. Nothing is unique like an orchid. No one person is alike. I got this over my heart because I picture my heart in the… [ read more ]

  • Fuck It Just Smile

    The poisonous Rhododendrons on either side of the roses are to represent the beauty I create in the world and in myself, but the fatal dangers it can cause if dealt with the wrong way. The smokey roses are also… [ read more ]