• Badassssss

    This tattoo doesn’t rally have any meaning behind it. This was one of my first tattoos and it was all free drawn on me right then and there. As of right now, it’s done but eventually I do want to… [ read more ]

  • Laces

  • Laces

  • Back To Nature

    I designed this tattoo to symbolize the beauty of nature, my love for it and to show how nature always has a way of reclaiming everything in the end.

  • colour my world

    This tattoo means the world to me! The hummingbird is for my mom and the watercolor effect is to represent my mom and dad (who had passed in 2011). Their song was colour my world by Chicago.

  • Roses, harmonica, live and let die, dandelion seed

    The dandelion seed with the little girl represents my great nan! The harmonica is my great nans, which got left to me when she passed away! The sheet music represent my best friend, its the first line of live and… [ read more ]

  • Dia De Los Muertos

    It’s in memory of my parents who have passed.