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  • Hibiscus

    It means every flower is unique and beautiful

  • The start of a back piece

    It’s the constant battle I have within me. Good vs. evil

  • The colors of life

    This tattoo resembles the good in me

  • Greek Gods

    Military God protected me and brought me back from deployment. Went to Greece and love the Greek Gods

  • Lilac Blossom

  • 3 lillies

    This tattoo represents my 3 younger siblings that my dad and step-mother had together. They are all under the age of 7 and mean the entire world to me. I got a flower in each of their favorite colors. Jon… [ read more ]

  • Fairy

    This tattoo just feels like a part of me. I have my artist complete freedom for my back tattoo. He has tattooed me for so many years I knew he would do an amazing job and knew my style very… [ read more ]