• Body art

    Each tattoo means something to me. The first was the flowers that go into the tree, I got it on my 18th birthday to symbolize my freedom. The second was the clauddagh on my ribs for love, hope, and friendship…. [ read more ]

  • wedding ring

    this tattoo is my wedding ring. I used to have a beautiful white gold diamond wedding ring but for some reason it made my finger blister a little so I told my husband I just want a really beautiful tattoo… [ read more ]

  • Fight till the bitter end

    This tattoo as two means to me. The pink ribbon repersents my five year mark from fighting against breast cancer and the initials in sunflowers ( which are my favorite flower) are people in my life who have passed away… [ read more ]

  • A Foot of Flowers

    Done by Grant McConnell, 21, San Diego, CA, 1 Sitting, 2+ hours

  • dragon

    Everything.. beautiful on the outer arm of flowers inside arm a skull with blue roses for eyes.. this tattoo explains who I am.. beautiful on the outside..lost and dead on the inside .. impossible.. unusual… Me..v

  • Skulls/leg

  • Pinup Flowers

    These tattoos represent my favorite flowers, I added them for my 22nd birthday, each one after another. These tattoos were done freehand as well, which makes me cherish them all the more. These tattoos also help release the feminine side… [ read more ]