• unfinished piece of art

    Each one is a special memory

  • Souvenirs

  • My Heritage

    This is a tattoo I designed which combines my maiden name along with flowers done in Swedish flag colors. My name represents love, strength and power.

  • Tea Cup

  • Elvis 56 Cadillac

    My mom is the biggest Elvis fan around. I grew up listening to Elvis, hearing about his life story and even visiting Graceland twice! The song “That’s All Right Mama” will always remind me of her; I even had it… [ read more ]

  • color work

    My sleeve always reminds me of travel, exotic locations and a sense of freedom. My sternum tattoo was inspired by the iconic Japanese Geishas and my thigh tattoos come from a love of 30s/40s history and fashion. Depicting a female… [ read more ]

  • Lighthouse

    This was a tattoo in remembrance for my aunt who was like a mother to me. The three sunflowers signify my aunt, my uncle, and myself. She loved the coast and she always decorated her house in them. Then the… [ read more ]