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  • With pain comes beauty

    Each item represents me as a person with their meanings behind them

  • Roses & webs

    Feminist thigh piece, individuality & freedom

  • Self expression

    I love flowers they are beautiful and in any type of climate or season you will see a beautiful flower growing in the most unusual places but that one flower will give you so much life.

  • Creative

    This tattoo is just beautiful and creative , would love to share it with others

  • Vines Up My Side

    My artist chose this design and then I did modeling for him and really enjoyed it and I would like to do more.

  • Roses for Daf

    This tatto was done as memorial for father. He passed away on 9/10/11

  • Sunflower & Owls

    My owls represent my three beautiful children, Owls are wise and learn as they grow. My sunflower means a lot to me, sunflowers evoke feelings of warmth and happiness. In addition, the sunflower is often associated with adoration,longevity, healing and… [ read more ]

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