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  • Gorgeous Flowers

    means a lot to me, each flower is for a family member & it’s just the beginning! going to finish out to a full sleeve, and hand

  • Stomach

  • Laura’s Back Tattoos

    My back tattoos have several meanings to me. My newest piece is the crane tattoo. It is designed from a trinket that I received from my grandmother when she passed away. I also work with cranes. I also love cats… [ read more ]

  • Mother Nature

    Growing up, I’ve always had a connection and love for nature and wildlife. So, what better way to show that than with a Mother Nature tattoo. This tattoo is my interpretation of Mother Nature, the red lips, freckles, green eyes…. [ read more ]

  • Tattooed Bride

    Sexy, tattooed bride.

  • Wedding

    Sexy, tattooed bridal picture.

  • Plum blossoms and Butterfly

    This is dedicated to my grandmother and aunt who have both battled breast cancer, hence the pink ribbon. The white ribbon is dedicated to my Grandad and my Great Aunt who both lost their battle with Lung Cancer. Three days… [ read more ]