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  • Flower back piece by Shelby Ferguson at 717 tattoo

  • Mammoth Back Piece

    Things my grandpa thought were rad! Taken in Mammoth Hot Springs by Kris Lillemets

  • Chest piece

    A bold move by putting something so large front and center. Done by Chris Allen at Adrenaline Tattoos and Piercings, Montreal.

  • Hummingbird and flowers

    The hummingbird and two of the flowers are for my grandma Bonnie and the other two flowers are for my great grandma Jean who passed away.

  • With pain comes beauty

    Each item represents me as a person with their meanings behind them

  • Roses & webs

    Feminist thigh piece, individuality & freedom

  • Self expression

    I love flowers they are beautiful and in any type of climate or season you will see a beautiful flower growing in the most unusual places but that one flower will give you so much life.

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