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  • Arm sleeve outline

    Artist : Matthew Fragner (Matthew Inked) at Art In Soul in New Paltz NY.

  • cherry blossoms

    First tattoo id ever gotten and done by my husband

  • wildflowers and butterfly

  • The garden scene

    It’s a replica of a garden scene that I created with my children when they were very young

  • Lucky koi

    Living on Maui, and through all the changes I’ve made in my life, I’m 40 now, so my children wanted me to have good luck. That’s why I did the koi. I also have a huge lotus flower on my… [ read more ]

  • Moving forward

    All good luck advised from children, and a lotus flower to show how beauty can rise from shit.

  • Inked and Proud

    All represent my daughter and one specifically represents me knowing myself at a time of sadness.