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  • Rose half sleeve

    This flower sleeve is my new love

  • Smell My Flowers

    The plumeria flower is my favorite. The larger flower is the actual flower from a friends front yard in Maui, the rest were added on later.

  • Work in progress

    I love fantasy and nature and this is the story of my party life…. 6 different guys have worked on it during the past 4 years while partying a lot. I would like to add fairies, mushrooms, flowers, insects, dwarfs… [ read more ]

  • skull and flowers

    I like it!

  • cozART

  • sister tattoos

    My sister and I have matching tattoos. The daisys signify the 2 of us. The quote reads “Our paths may change, as life goes along, however our bond as sisters, will remain ever strong” Above this tattoo is my quote… [ read more ]

  • Lillie’s on shoulder

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