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  • Lion King

  • Lola

    My tattoo blends my passion for being a chef and my Mexican heritage.

  • Betty White eating a Hotdog

    Betty White is an iconic badass. She gives women inspiration to be themselves. What better way to portray her being her self by he stuffing her face with a delicious hotdog.

  • All Seeing Pizza

    I love fucking pizza and ranch

  • Chef

    This tattoo symbolizes the the love of good for a chef

  • Heinz Beanz

    I have always ate a lot of them and always asked for them while out for dinner with my family when I was young.

  • cupcake

    1 of three tattoos added to my sleeve. My wonderful tattoo artist Judy @ Jeff’ Tattoo and Total Body Piercing in St. Cloud, MN has designed each piece on my arm and it haa turned out awesome. I love it…. [ read more ]

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