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  • Cowgirl CoverUp

    I had a terrible tattoo of a terrible memory that needed to be gone so I chose to cover it up with something all about me.

  • Lighthouse

    I wanted something to match up with the bible verse I already had tattooed in my foot.

  • Black widow

  • Musical feet

    I started playing the violin when I was 9, and my favorite uncle, who was like a second father, bought me my own violin. He passed away when I was 13 and this is how I keep him with me.

  • dogtags

  • monix

    It was my firts tattoo, built it personally with my name on it and the spot accidentally fit with my highheels upper line.

  • Skull & Cobra

    This tattoo represents a change in my life. The Cobra that surpasses all, even death (represented by the skull) and is ready for a new battle. you can see others photo here:

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