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  • Hunger Games

    It gives me strength and the ability to see greatness in myself.

  • cosmo flower

    birthday month flower

  • A Foot of Flowers

    Done by Grant McConnell, 21, San Diego, CA, 1 Sitting, 2+ hours

  • Butterfly

    Got this on my 45th birthday.

  • Red back Spider

    The red back spider signifies strength and devotion to motherhood. The red back in the Zodiac represents “Scorpio”. This is my daughter’s sign. Also, my spider is free of the web signifying to me that I am free of the… [ read more ]

  • Custom

    My bff designed and placed this tat for me. It’s ours forever

  • Passion & Dedication

    The one on my hand represents my endless, and fierce passion for music. The script on my foot is a quote for a best friend currently battling a rare heart disease.