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  • Wolf Skull

  • Eye of Horus

    For the most part it represents my father. I grew up seeing this symbol on him so it reminds me of my life with him and all that im still learning. Family is what’s held my mind together so representations… [ read more ]

  • Realistic Eagle Tattoo

    One of the best realistic tattoos that I have done.

  • Eagle

    At 46 years old, this is the start of my black and grey sleeve. Inked by Darin Newhouse out of Colorado.

  • My rose skull clock

    When it is all the way finished it will have an eye connected to it… and it means I have to keep an eye on my time because before you know it it’s all over… just reminds me not to… [ read more ]

  • Forearm

    It’s a quote from the bible that has got me through the roughest times of life.

  • Fore arm

    It was my friends last words to me before he committed suicide. No matter how hard I thought life was he never showed how hard his really was.

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