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  • A Scar is Born

    After long hiatus since late 90’s tribal ink endeavors, the time had come to pay homage to some of the characters that I resurrect in my books. More accurately – they brought me back to life! Therefore, the mission was,… [ read more ]

  • Heart and Rose

  • geometric heart

  • Owl/Crown Artist: Scott Hinton

  • Music Sheet Rose

    my favourite Eminem lyrics are under the rose, lyrics to a song that helped me through a lot.

  • Freddie Kreuger

    This is part of my lower sleeve that is dedicated to my daughter. Freddie Kreuger is both our favourite bad guy. We are both avid horror fans. It is the fourth tattoo I’ve gotten by Ingrid Zschogner of Sound Tattoo… [ read more ]

  • the start of my Alison in wonderland sleeve

    It just sums me up !!!

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