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  • Hand with Roses

    Tattoo by Liam Kerr @ Needlework Tattoo in Lightwater UK. Traditional hand holding rose stem in black shading. “Reminds me of my mum’s rose bushes growing up”

  • Crocus Flowers

    A vivid showcase of my work with color and cover ups.

  • Kids

    These are the names of my 4 beautiful miracles.

  • Forearms and Wrists

    Butterfly – Butterflies symbolizes change. My butterfly is covering up a scar from when I used to cut years ago. I have changed and turned into a beautiful self confident woman, just like how a caterpillar transforms into a gorgeous… [ read more ]

  • Razor

    I’ve always had an obsession with weapons. I collect knives, razors, swords, etc.

  • Pocket Watch

    Amazing healed pocket watch tattoo by Mr. Ace . Amazing California custom tattoo artist living the Colorado world, and expanding everyday his artwork and talent, black and gray expert with his west coast skills , is making his way up… [ read more ]

  • Flowers..? Sorry, I have a bat!

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