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  • submission

    No big significance, second tattoo my father did

  • oriental sleeve

    This tattoo represents strength and all the obstacles I faced and overcome, goes along with the outter Side of my sleeve

  • A Beautiful Show

    This tattoo represents my commitment to entertainment. I am a DJ, host, designer and musician. I designed this tattoo to show the beauty of the arts. My artist is located at New Breed Tattoo in West Lafayette, IN.

  • I’ll always trade me for you

    This tattoo I got for my little brother who is my other half,my best friend, my everything! He’s in prison and has been for four years now and has seven to eight years left. It devistated me when he was… [ read more ]

  • Snobby Gal

    Surviving through the windiest storms that life have to give

  • Mermaid (Forearm)

    This tattoo is the start of my pirate themed sleeve on my right arm. The mermaid represents my fiance, other parts of the sleeve when completed will represent my family and other symbols to represent parts in my life.

  • “Do not allow the eye to fool the mind”

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