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  • Music Sheet Rose

    my favourite Eminem lyrics are under the rose, lyrics to a song that helped me through a lot.

  • Freddie Kreuger

    This is part of my lower sleeve that is dedicated to my daughter. Freddie Kreuger is both our favourite bad guy. We are both avid horror fans. It is the fourth tattoo I’ve gotten by Ingrid Zschogner of Sound Tattoo… [ read more ]

  • the start of my Alison in wonderland sleeve

    It just sums me up !!!

  • Hand with Roses

    Tattoo by Liam Kerr @ Needlework Tattoo in Lightwater UK. Traditional hand holding rose stem in black shading. “Reminds me of my mum’s rose bushes growing up”

  • Crocus Flowers

    A vivid showcase of my work with color and cover ups.

  • Kids

    These are the names of my 4 beautiful miracles.

  • Forearms and Wrists

    Butterfly – Butterflies symbolizes change. My butterfly is covering up a scar from when I used to cut years ago. I have changed and turned into a beautiful self confident woman, just like how a caterpillar transforms into a gorgeous… [ read more ]

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