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  • Red Rose

    This tattoo is June’s flower, the month my nephew was born. It is traditional, bold and free.

  • City of The O

    I was born and raised in Oceanside California, and I love my home. Everyone knows Everyone we are like one big family. We are a beach loving, locals only inspired fun.

  • life motto life long friend

    It has been mine and my best friends life motto since we were kids. Good or bad no matter what It’s always an adventure. Basically it means always find the silver lining and don’t take life to seriously no one… [ read more ]

  • Lowrider Orange

    My right arm is in process to be labeled my beauty arm. I already have flowers on my upper arm (adding more for a sleeve) so I added the skull and flowers because whether we like to Admit or not… [ read more ]

  • Clown Peeking

    My favorite part of this tattoo was the client giving me the freedom to make the hands like she saying “Sshhhh” and faking she’s covering her left eye but she’s actually peeking, gives this tattoo alot of character, the client… [ read more ]

  • NEDA Lotus

    No description necessary.

  • Rose between thorns

    First tattoo on my best friend