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  • Dia de los muertos Cali State

    This is 100% custom by me, The ” Dia De Los Muertos Cali State ” Realistic Portrait & Skull Black & Gray Tattoo.

  • Life and Death portrait of Marilyn Monroe

    I had always wanted this Tattoo done and couldn’t find anyone who would do it, until I met Jay Hutton of Adrenalin in Ellesmere Port

  • Tribal star

  • Arrow

  • Sun & Moon

    I am just head over heels in love with it! All credit goes to the wonderful Ryan Ashley Malarkey!! She tattoos at the Strange & Unusual Oddities!

  • Daughters Birthday Present

    My daughter drew a picture for me so on her 7th birthday I took her down to the shop and surprised her with this tattoo of her handwriting that says “I love you daddy”. I’m covered in ink from neck… [ read more ]

  • KOI

    Its a constint reminder to never give up…never stop trying. As long as i Keep swimming upstream i will fufill my destiny.