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  • Stars and Roses

    Represent family members and loved ones. Also represents me and my life! My trials, tribulations, and personality!

  • Stars and Roses

    Represents family members, loved ones, my spirituality, and personality! My tattoos are me and my life!

  • dreamcatcher

    Indian culture

  • Skyler in bleach

    This is my son’s name. I got it just a week after he was born.

  • She’s a Mess of Gorgeous Chaos

    It reminds me that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I look at my tattoo everyday and although she is a completely drawn up character from my artists’ head, it reminds me that everyone is beautiful in their… [ read more ]

  • Schrodinger’s Equation

    As a physicist, this tattoo really shows the amount of passion I have for it. I love that it starts conversations about what I do, since physics isn’t something that typically comes up during a conversation. This is Erwin Schrödinger’s… [ read more ]

  • religion

    It gave me freedom of creating something different for my canvas plus complimented their religion