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  • Traditional Fox and Sword

    First Custom Piece to a sleeve being worked on at Shear Chaos and Tattoo in Elkhart, IN. Vile Miller Artist.

  • Foxy kitty

    No signifigance really. I love animals and I love tattoos!

  • Kitsune

    It is a representation of my twin brother. Both of us are obsessed with the asian culture.

  • Foxes and Roses

    Each of my tattoos has significance in that they simply make me feel more complete. They make me enjoy looking in the mirror at my reflection, which is something I had always avoided doing before. And someday I hope that… [ read more ]

  • Graphic Fox

    To animals protection

  • Fox

    It represents my love of japanese style tattoos and my love of foxes

  • Kitsune

    Tattoo artist: Davide Campi, Horidoze Tattoo, Grassobbio, Italy

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