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  • Alice back tattoo

    I just enjoy playing pac man, and i am a huge fan of Alice, that’s it

  • Sugar skull girl

  • 1940s portrait of grandmother

    A memorial tattoo for my grandmother.

  • The ancient tree

    I have several tattoos but this one is the most meaningful of them all. It’s a most cherished family “portrait”, originally and beautifully done by Orlando Gonçalves (Vila Real, Portugal).

  • Alice in Wonderland

  • Grandmother

    This is my grandmother when she was m age (20)! Every time it look at this it reminds me how she still live on

  • color work

    My sleeve always reminds me of travel, exotic locations and a sense of freedom. My sternum tattoo was inspired by the iconic Japanese Geishas and my thigh tattoos come from a love of 30s/40s history and fashion. Depicting a female… [ read more ]