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  • Bright side of life

    the humming bird is for my daughter, the sun is covering up a big birthmark that I had.

  • Northern Lights

    i’ve always been fascinated by pictures of the Northern Lights, I definitely need to witness the real thing at some point in my life.

  • Sassy Stylist

    I Cut. I dry. I Blow You Dry.

  • FREEHAND FLOWERS on my wife

  • Tribal Heart – Negative Space

    My tattoo is for my dad. He has tribal spanning from his mid forearm all the way across his back to his other mid forearm. I told my artist, Nate Carnesi, that I wanted a heart with tribal incorporated into… [ read more ]

  • my 1st free hand no stencil no marker

    10yrs old

  • Tiger Lillie’s full back

    I love tiger Lillie’s, and I had a clown fish tattoo on my lower back I got when I was 18 (I am now 35.) I wanted to cover it up, so I went to a place in Jacksonville, N.C.,… [ read more ]

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