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  • Lady Liberty

    That freedom is never free and the price we pay for freedom is often dark.

  • Freedom

    It indicates the need to be free and live a “bright” life.

  • Free bird

    Yes this was my first tattoo, I have more now but the meaning behind this one is the greatest! It symbolizes freedom, freedom from foster care and living under control. Now I am my own person and no one can… [ read more ]

  • patriotic tat

    This Tattoo Means The World To Me. Two Dog Tags, One Mine, One My Fathers. Has Dates AnD Locations Of Overseas Deployments. Patriotic, Yet Feminine. Red, White And Blue Fire Works.

  • Golondrinas

    It means how much I care about my independence. My freedom.

  • Freedom “Arabic Calligraphy”

  • Wild

    My tattoos presents cheetah mark .His freedom, the speed and intractability .This tattoo means a lot for me becouse i am the same animal