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  • Barn owl

    Barn owl to me is a spirit animal.that helps me see through deceit and masks. Also signifies life changes which I am definitely going through

  • Mountain Sunset

    This is the beautiful view I am see each evening after moving from.the midwest to Northern.California

  • Collector Zachary Field, Artist Thomas Hines, Portland

    And another by Thomas Hines, Portland, OR

  • Tattoo by Heavygold Chris @ink injection in spring tx

    Motivation tattoo

  • Muertas

    Original & inspired by day of the dead theme

  • Lizelle

    I love my ink as it symbolizes a new beginning in my life as a cancer survivor. My tattoo stretches from my shoulder to my thigh…. A dragon, phoenix, koi and lotus, all color and done freehand.

  • Custom Freehanded Sleeve

    Kinda symbolizes my Love an Hate kinda lifestyle. Plus its a completely fucking EPIC sleeve freehanded with custom mixed colors.