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  • Freehand in progress <3

    Someone very special to me is free-handing this! Still a few more sessions to go!

  • wings from the heart

    This tattoo is a dedication to my grandparents who raised me .it is one of a kind free hand piece of art

  • My girls ~ my life

    This tattoo resembles my girls ~ my life, as the script says. I struggle most days threw server depression & also server anxiety, iv been medicated, physiologist & now seeing a doctor that is a specialist in mental health ect…. [ read more ]

  • skullage

  • Tribal Heart – Negative Space

    My tattoo is for my dad. He has tribal spanning from his mid forearm all the way across his back to his other mid forearm. I told my artist, Nate Carnesi, that I wanted a heart with tribal incorporated into… [ read more ]

  • freehand tattoo sleeve without sketch

  • GateKeeper

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