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  • Angel

    My back piece defines me and who I am and I am in love with it.

  • Black art Geometry

    Model: @Godsavemelody Artist: @Fatboystattoo I think what makes geometry sacred is the knowledge of the ratios in nature, sunflowers, succulents, nautilus, the list is basically endless. The artwork part of it is just our conscious minds bringing what’s already there… [ read more ]

  • Back piece

    It’s to represent the constant struggle woman have with self image

  • Queen of Saturn

  • Lived chaos

    I started this tattoo in June of 2014. I was completely tattoo free and felt that I had lived enough experience to tell a great visual story. The premise started by showing the plates, rods, and screws that I currently… [ read more ]

  • Dragon

    This tattoo represent the strength and courage from my past. The unconditional love and power I have for myself. The connection of two souls in one.

  • Orchid Love

    I am a floral artist, my passion if for organic arts, and fresh flowers is my medium. There is no flower more beautiful than the orchid to me. I absolutely love having my body draped with them.

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