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  • Marvel Back

  • New Orleans

    I love the Crescent City!

  • Angel wings

    This tattoo really inspired me and showed me I didn’t have to be like everyone else I could lead my own way. Jori Lawrence

  • Tree of Life Masterpiece

    This tattoo signifies my life as a whole. My first tattoo was on my lower back which was covered with a rock at the base of the tree and the tree connected all of my first tattoos to create an… [ read more ]

  • back tat

    I’ve wanted this since i was 15. Over the years it has grown more signifigance with the loss of more friends and family. My wings will carry me to heaven when im called.

  • Tiger Lillie’s full back

    I love tiger Lillie’s, and I had a clown fish tattoo on my lower back I got when I was 18 (I am now 35.) I wanted to cover it up, so I went to a place in Jacksonville, N.C.,… [ read more ]

  • Photo10491

    the tattoo was drawn by me so there is some significance i guess but mostly i just realy liked the finished picture so decided to get started, so far iv had 4 two hr sessions im guessing another 3-4 to… [ read more ]

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