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  • Horror chick cover up

    A cover up from my first tattoo i took drunk in gran canaria, which was a puzzle piece (covered in the hearth/hand/blood). Was a challenge as it was very dark colours with a hard red color, but after some sessions… [ read more ]

  • Leg tattoo

    Life and death

  • day of the dead girl

    The meaning behind this one is to personal to explain just know that when my artist saw it he immediately put it to the side for me and only me!

  • Inked

    Life story.

  • Supergirl

    Strenght and power

  • Flowers..? Sorry, I have a bat!

  • Fish hook heart

    This tattoo is actually about my dog, but fishing is my favorite hobby. I was fishing one day and all of the sudden I heard whimpering, I looked over and saw a bunch of puppies so I drop my fishing… [ read more ]

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