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  • Gangsta chick

    Powerful women

  • Limoore Shamrock et lebarbu

    Limoore, Shamrock et Lebarbu meow ^^

  • Limoore Shamrock et lebarbu

    Limoore <3 lebarbu

  • American pinup

    My love of my wife and country with inspiration coming from Jessica rabbit and classic pin up style poster girls

  • Karma

    Karma is a huge factor in my life. And if you mess with Karma, she’ll bite back, hence the vampire teeth.

  • I dare you

    It’s just art. I don’t get tattoos for meanings. I get tattoos to be a canvas. My artist tells me it all relates to me (he pretty much knows me better than i do myself) and he always tells me… [ read more ]

  • Day of the dead girl

    Represents the image of a make up artist! It’s realism mixed with surrealism!! Just a piece I really love done by Nico negron