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  • Bitches Love Cake

  • The Lord is my Sheild

    This is my third tattoo and it has a lot of deep meaning behind it, but basically I’m like the girl and the hands are the Lord’s holding me and the wings are the Angels surrounding me in my life… [ read more ]

  • Dishonest Heart

    I fell in love with her facial expression couple years ago. Love the way she is, cold, not readable and absent and on the contrary her heart is out. Lots of emotions.

  • Jessica Dantas

    It shows my strength, determination and lust for life.

  • Cross

    My dead baby

  • Babes n beers

    Babes and Beer two things anyone can enjoy. I love this tattoo almost as much as he loves his PBR.

  • Asian Beauty

    I love this tattoo because its a portrait style tattoo of a Japanese geisha looking in her mirror admiring herself. It’s a truly beautiful tattoo done by an artist who doesn’t get as much credit as he should, Josh Dampier,… [ read more ]