• Panda love

    I’m obsessed with pandas and have been some I was 8 years old. Funny thing is this Isthe first panda tattoo I’ve gotten.

  • Alice Rabbit

    I always wanted a really girly tattoo. This is certainly it.

  • Cameo

    It was designed specifically for me by the artist Brian Murphy. I love the placement and style reminds me of childhood times when my mother would let me wear her cameos. I love them.

  • My 4 recent ones

    The writing on my arm says ‘life is a beautiful struggle sometimes you’ve got to fall before you can fly’ the name on my wrist is of my baby, the tattoo behind my ear is the thyroid cancer ribbon and… [ read more ]

  • Super Bitch

    Apparently a lot of girls in school liked to call me a bitch while hanging out of car windows speeding by. I decided if Bitch was what they wanted me to be. Then Bitch they shall get!!!! Go big or… [ read more ]

  • Sabina Kelley by Kat Wilson

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