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  • the heart will fly

    many of my tattoos mean alot to me, some I just loved

  • Greek Goth Sleeve

    A rebirth of myself and showing what I have passion for by wearing Greek gods and history. Nothing was more powerful and they commanded everyone to praise them. Amazing that culture followed blindly Done by Travis King @ Prophecy Ink… [ read more ]

  • Punk Disney Princesses

    I love all things disney and each disney princess has a different meaning behind it such as Belle (no matter what your significant other looks like, you can still love the same as any other), Snow White (you can have… [ read more ]

  • Red bandana from inked shop

    I love all the old school Goth moms ..

  • gipsy

    In a very dark period for me, I decided to tattoo “she”, to remind me to have the strength to go on and be strong, a bit like a gypsy who follows his time, I have to find my own…. [ read more ]

  • back

    She is the dark angel that personifies me.

  • 001

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