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  • Wynter Wytch

    The tree on my back features the roots cascading down my hips and the trunk ascending along my spine to the base of my skull. I wanted the roots on my back as a testament to my belief that no… [ read more ]

  • Flowers and Bees back piece

    This is my fourth tattoo and I designed it with the artist, Adam, at studio 38 in Bradford, UK. The bees have a lot of significance for me and I am really happy with this so far! Hopefully will add… [ read more ]

  • Green Gas Mask

  • Panda

    I have loved panda bears and Asian culture since very early childhood so I finally got my beloved animal on me: a panda with some classic bamboo. (Done in Cincinnati at Beelistics on Vine by Will Mordecai.)

  • Lunar

    This was my first tattoo I got when I was 17. It was for the girl I had been dating because she had explained to me once that she felt like she resembled a moth since she wasn’t extraordinarily beautiful… [ read more ]

  • Peacock feather side peice

  • The Emerald City

    My Mom’s name is Dorothy, and it’s the Emerald City from the Wizard of Oz, so it’s my “mom tattoo”.