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  • oloc

  • Lighthouse

    I wanted something to match up with the bible verse I already had tattooed in my foot.

  • Chains

    Something unlike other people’s tattoos. The thought of chains, hooks and ripped skin sounded great to me.

  • daughters dad

    My daughters father passed away in 2011. I got it so she would always know her daddy. It is black and grey and it will be fading into color on my bicep. It’s over halfway done and the bicep only… [ read more ]

  • Rose With ribbion

    This tattoo is really special to me because it is to honor the hardships my mom has overcome through a tough medical emergency.

  • LuckyBlack Cat

    The bllack cat represents my late grandmother, while the roses represent my other grandmother whom is still with us. The rose bush blossoms from dying black/white to alive and colorful which means to me “something good can always come from… [ read more ]

  • Tribal Cross

    I’ve always want to get a tattoo with a Celtic meaning since I’m a Irish and I’ve always liked tribal. First tattoo and will be adding more!

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