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  • Spiritual Sleeve

    I call it my “spiritual sleeve” because it’s everything I personally believe in. I’ve gathered pieces that are connected to religions and beliefs that I found soothing to my soul over my lifetime. I wanted the watercolor style because I… [ read more ]

  • Intuitive Gypsy

    The gypsy represents my love for experiencing new things, accepting change and willingness to adapt to being out of my comfort zone. My bat represents new birth/transition.

  • Gypsy Mermaid

  • Gypsy

    It is a representation of living life to its fullest in every moment.

  • Gypsy Queen & Love Birds Sleeve

    The top of my arm is a coverup of a Picasso sketch, and I was an art history major in college. She is beautiful, and that is the sole purpose of her significance to me – as a gorgeous image… [ read more ]

  • Gypsy Soul

    Words of advice to from my old self to my future lovers.

  • Heart of a gypsy

    The gypsy woman reminds me to enjoy every second of life’s adventure, because you never know what will happen. Also to stay in tune with my energy, an example of such would be to listen to my heart and instincts.

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