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  • traditional work

    @_tattooine Tattoos done by Anthony Guido @ anthonygtattoos

  • Gypsy Queen

    Tribute to my dads mum, my grandma who we never knew

  • Gypsy soldier

    It is my own version of the United States Army reserve logo to represent my service in the arm

  • Gypsy

    The flower is a cover up. It covers a tattoo my ex wanted me to get to “brand” me in a sense. The Gypsy represents heartache, but also happiness.

  • gypsysusk

    start of a sleeve

  • finishedgypsy_large

    This tattoo is on my ribs, but that was not an option to choose. I got this after seeing the movie, Drag Me To Hell, and after seeing all the gypsies in Europe, so we put the two together.

  • IMG_1233

    I fell in love with traditional style tattoo work. All of it was a gift from Biz