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  • Adding on soon!

    i don’t know who goes through this submissions. But i have been curious about what opportunities you give for modeling for your magazine. I know this is the only tattoo i have right now but i plan on adding more… [ read more ]

  • Half sleeve

    This half sleeve has my favorite flower and butterfly. Named after my friend Adam who died at the young age of 21 of cancer.

  • Psychedelic Buddha

    This tattoo represents the way in which I see spirituality intertwined with psychedelic experience. It also represents trust. Trust in my friend and tattoo artist Eli who I gave almost complete freedom.

  • girly half sleeve

  • Alice defeats the Jabberwocky

    Alice defeating the Jabberwocky represents myself overcoming/slaying some of my own demons. I also had my artist draw a pin-up version of Alice b/c who doesn’t want a sexy lady on their arm? Also, I wanted her to represent my… [ read more ]

  • Japanese lotus

    Stent in the darkest of times

  • Half sleeve add on/fixup

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