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  • Only God Can Judge Me

    I’m gay so I get judged a lot so this tattoo is saying ‘Only God Can Judge Me’. I don’t worry what other people think.

  • 3 lillies

    This tattoo represents my 3 younger siblings that my dad and step-mother had together. They are all under the age of 7 and mean the entire world to me. I got a flower in each of their favorite colors. Jon… [ read more ]

  • Nic Westfall Masterpiece

    A reminder of my childhood.

  • Dia de Los muertos Elvis Presley

    I am a huge Presley fan! Grew up listening to his music.

  • Endless Love

    I believe in endless love and I’m not afraid to show it. I did not get a name tattooed on me, I went for it and got a portrait. I don’t think any tattoo should be a regret even if… [ read more ]

  • Mitochondria Eve

    Parasite Eve is my favorite Playstation game that I have been obsessed with since I was a kid. The tattoo is based on a drawing found in the manga series Parasite Eve: DIVA. I’m very proud of this tattoo and… [ read more ]

  • Peek-a-Boo

    I love the ocean, where waves symbolize how peaceful and full of life the ocean really is. The hibiscus flower being a tropical symbol of paradise and beauty.

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