half sleeve

  • Boba fett

    This tattoo was for a client and he’s just star wars fan

  • Eerie tree of life with last name incorporated into the roots

  • Buddah

    it ties my sleeve together. it is all about time and how things pass and how everything is temporary. To use your time wisely and not be bothered by the small things or anything that you have the power to… [ read more ]

  • Black and Grey Gardenia Half Sleeve

    I’ts still in the works, but it’s in remembrance of my grandmother tattooed by Ryan Ashley Malarkey. Photo credit: Lars Kommienezuspadt.

  • Raven

  • horror half sleeve 2

  • image

    To me the villain makes the super hero. Hero’s must be tested constantly to truly see what their made of. So the crazier the villain the better the hero will ultimately be. Carnage is the one villain of spiderman that… [ read more ]